Most of shops are open from 9AM to 5PM from Monday to Saturday. 30% of Shops are open on Sunday and National Holidays. Visit on Monday to Saturday is recommended.

Please refer this page how to go to kappabashi?

You will be able to access two different FREE Wi-Fi. One is provided by Kappabashi Town, another one is provided by each shops. Please be noted that this two Wi-Fi will not cover all Kappabashi area.

Major credit cards are available at many of shops in Kappabashi. However please be noted that they might have minimum price for credit card use.

If you are required to withdraw cash, please visit to 24/7 Convenience Store Family Mart. They have English direction at ATM machine to withdraw.

Family Mart Iriya 2chome Branch
2-1-8 Iriya Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0013

8% consumption tax-refund service is applied a some shops in Kappabashi. To get refund, you must visit tax refund counter during the day of shopping.

Tax Refund Counter (10:00 to 18:00)
3-17-5 Matsugaya Taito-ku,Tokyo 111-0036

Many of shops are able to support customers to ship your items to overseas. Before you purchase, we recommend you to talk to staff.

You are also able to bring your items to local post office and ask them for shipping.

Nishi Asakusa Post Office
3-12-1 Nishi Asakusa Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0035

Please refer this page About Shipping from Post Office in English

If you visit Kappabashi town with your friends, Lifelong learning center is good place to meet up after shopping. This public facility is open till night time, very clean, have some space to sit, and toilet. Good place to wait especially in winter or rainy day.

Taito City Lifelong Learning Center
3-25-16 Nishi Asakusa Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-8621